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Kinect Rush : Metareview

Kinect Rush : A Disney – Pixar Adventure is officially available worldwide. Rush is 3D platformer only for Kinect in which player can live all their favorite moments of 5 Pixar movies (Ratatouille, Up, Toy Story, Cars and The Incredibles).

And now, let’s see what the reviews say about it :

Official Xbox Magazine UK

The best Pixar game to date, by a country mile

The Guardian

And if you wanted a reason to dig your Kinect out of storage, look no further. Kinect Rush may be short on length, but it’s big on playability, imagination and fun.


Kinect Rush represents a place they can go and play rather than a game they want to finish, and a big part of this success comes from the theatrics that result from the Kinect controls.

Overall, Kinect Rush provides a very compelling and unique experience for the Kinect.

I worked on the pre-production of Rush as a Designer. If you want to know more about what I did, just follow the link.

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I Am Alive : Metareview

I Am Alive

After several years of development, I Am Alive is finally out on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. As you know, I Am Alive takes place in an apocalyptic setting in which the player will have to deal with bands of deranged survivors. I worked on this game while it was being developed by Darkworks. At that time, the game was quiet different but the concept was the same : survive against deranged survivors.

And now, let’s see what the reviews say about it :


“this game offers a journey worth charting, one of physics, social decline and welcome terror in a market overrun by zombies.”

The Guardian

I Am Alive uses its post-apocalyptic environment far more effectively than many other games that share its nightmare vision of the future.

Game Informer

Good survival games have been hard to come by this console generation, but I Am Alive proves there is still new ground to break.

During the summer of 2008, I did a second internship at Darkworks as a Level Designer and as a Technical Level Designer on the production of « I Am Alive »: I hold these two posts throughout the internship.

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Leaving Climax to Criterion Games

Yesterday was my last day at Climax. I’d like to thank everyone there for everything : I worked with great people there and I learnt many things from them. I wish them all the best for the future.

I will start at Criterion Games on Monday (yep, no holidays).

So You Want to Be an Indie Game Developer?

Guardian Gamesblog Indie Social 2012

So I went to the Guardian Gamesblog Indie Social event in order to meet some indie developers and play some cool games. The event was in London at the BAFTA building (that’s right!) last Saturday. For some reason, this indie event was sponsored by Capcom’s Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, one the best indie game of the year!

It was a good opportunity to meet some indie developers and discover the truth behind the indie dream. Most indie developers told me that they spent as much time on their game as on the promotion of it : “you need to take at least three months just to promote a game and do nothing else but talking about your game“. I remembered that promoting Blork took a month and it was just about sending emails to many websites all around the world. The problem is to convince journalists to take time to write an article about “a small game made by students” instead of spending time on an article about a much more anticipating title. That’s why “indies” spend most of their time going to events, meeting other indie meeting people, giving cards and even free copies: you just need to get a community around your games. Alistair Aitcheson (creator of Greedy Bankers) was telling me that “making the game is the easy part”.

One way to compete is the birth of many platforms only for indie games like IndieCity. You can discover many Indies games that you’ve never heard of because “you haven’t seen them on Steam”. Beside all the benefits that it presents for indie developers, IndieCity seems really young and by that I mean unfinished: some obvious features are missing (social interactions) and the fact that you need to buy your game outside of the client seems really weird. However, the project is only at its beginning so we can expect more improvements in the future.

Some really cool games were presented. One of my favourite was “Greedy Bankers VS, The World”. This simple puzzle game (quite similar to Columns) is also available on iPhone but you should play it on iPad for its multiplayer mode. Two players compete on the same screen and can steal each others diamonds: the game actually pushes to steal by rewarding you with more bonuses. It might not be the most original indie title, but indie games don’t need to always be about “experimental gameplay”: it’s simple and really fun.

In the end, the real question was money. Unfortunately, all of them told me that they“were lucky for the money part”. Some of them are living at their parents place; some of them just got a lot of savings. I guess there is no miracle for that, but the best advice that I heard was to get a job and work on your games during your free time. Before leaving, Alistair showed me two pills: a blue one and a red one. I took the red one because “I want to know what reality is” : Alistair called it “starvation”. Hopefully, Capcom was paying for the drinks and the food : that’s their way of supporting indie games!

A la machine – Part 1

These days, making video games seems to be all about zombies, extra hours, annoying DRM, evil second hand game shops, lay offs and Call of Duty. So let’s get away from all of this and take some nice rest. This is the first episode of a new web series called “A la machine”, directed by Julie Rohart. It’s a story about a young man has a crush on a girl he meets in a laundromat. It’s simple and it’s fun, and at least, you don’t need to pay each week as it’s free to watch.

And yeah, it’s my sister, but I don’t see the point.