I Am Alive (1)

During the summer of 2007, I did an internship at Darkworks as a Tester and then as a Level Designer on the pre-production of « I Am Alive ».

Level Designer

After one month, I became a Level Designer and I was in charge of making several small maps called “patterns” to illustrate specific gameplay mechanics. My work was very appreciated, so I stayed an extra month at Darkworks to work.

This involved:

–  designing and building small maps to explore the potential gameplay mechanics

–  designing and building a part of a level for the First Playable Prototype

–  helping the lead Level Designer to write Level Design rules which maintain coherence within the Level Design team

QA Testor

When I arrived at Darkworks, I began as a Testor and I was in charge of tracking bugs in order to make sure that each version of the game was always playable before its release to the rest of the team. Then, I worked with a small team on a gameplay prototype being developed and my job was to help them to finish it for the First Playable Prototype.

This position involved:

– testing and analyzing game mechanics and Level Design under development

– communicating with development team members on game balancing and quality issues

– balancing small maps to explore the potential of the gameplay under development

–        reporting detailed bugs description to the right team member using the bug entry software “ JIRA”


This first internship enabled me to work on a pre-production, so I was able to learn many aspects of this period, from the overall schedule and the roles of each team member. Moreover, I got the opportunity to work with many people in different jobs. This taught me a lot of things about game production.

As a QA tester, I learnt the “steps to reproduce” logic: to understand how far elements can influent each other, from technic to design.

As a Level Designer, I learnt to design small levels in order to show the full potential of gameplay mechanics.