Who are you?
My name is Arthur Rohart and I’m a Senior Producer, currently working at Curve Digital with multiple indie teams. I was born in France and lived most of my life there. Currently, I’m living and working in England.

Why did you join the game industry?
I got two passions in my life: creativity and video games. That is why I’ve always wanted to create video games as I believe that games got so much potential, waiting for us to be explored, and I’m very glad to be part of it.

How long have you been working in games?
I’ve been working in the industry for 8 years now. I worked on games like Need For Speed Most Wanted, Star Wars Battlefront II, Disney’s Pixar Rush… I’ve also worked on games that never made it, like Legacy of Kain Dead Sun.

When did you start to make games?
It’s all started when I was 12 years old. I started by analysing games, writing news and reviews for various websites, writing game concepts and even got an internship in the video game channel Game One. While I was living in Paris, I took part in several playtest sessions at Ubisoft in order to be closer to the game industry.

After high school, I did a 4 year game design school called Supinfogame (North France) where I learnt many things, from game design, level design and project management. Back there, I did several projects such as Blörk, an iPhone game that we released ourselves for free on the App Store. During the summer holidays, I did several internships in order to get professional experiences as soon as possible. I worked for companies like Darkworks (I am Alive / Ubisoft), Load Inc (Mad Tracks / Neko) and Asobo Studio (Kinect Rush / Microsoft Studios). By the time I was graduated in June 2010, I had more than a year of experience as a Designer.

Why did you leave France?
I always wanted to work abroad in order to discover new cultures and learn from them. In January 2011, after completing my last internship in the sunny south of France, I left to England to join Climax Studios in Portsmouth. I worked there as a Level Designer on an undisclosed AAA game.

When did you join EA Criterion Games?
In February 2012, I joined EA Criterion Games and worked on the multiplayer of Need For Speed Most Wanted. The game was well received and received several awards, including a BAFTA nomination for Best Online Multiplayer. In April 2016, I became a Lead Designer on Star Wars Battlefront II, in collaboration with DICE, Motive and Lucasfilm.

Why are you a producer now?
In September 2017, after working for 7 years as a Designer, I decided to become a Producer. My goal is to learn more from the production world – driving a vision, leading a team, enabling the team to achieve its goals and dealing with daily challenges. I started this position at the end of Battlefront II, when I drove the content for “The Last Jedi” update.

Currently, I’m a Senior Producer at Curve Digital and my goal is to make sure indie teams got everything they need to be successful.

Apart from playing games, what do you do in your free time?
I’m a big moviegoer so I often go to the cinema; I watch a lot of films from various range, from indies to blockbusters. I like to discover without any prior knowledge – like travelling without looking much, or going to an exhibition and discovering an artist.

I’ve also like to make small projects, like video editing or game jam. The idea is to get involved in small projects where you can experiment and try quickly.

I also like to explore on how things are made, whether we are talking about movies, art or music. I find the all creative process fascinating because it is messy.