My name is Arthur Rohart and I’m a Game Designer. I was born in France and lived most of my life there. Currently, I’m living and working in England.

I’ve always wanted to create video games as I believe that games got so much potential, waiting for us to be explored, and I’m very glad to be part of it.

Breaking into the video game industry is hard. I was lucky I had the opportunity to work with talented people that taught me many things. This is why I created this website: to share what I’ve learnt.

Since I got my first Game Boy with Tetris, I’ve always been a video game addict. Studying the universe of games like Zelda, Metal Gear Solid or Super Mario gave me the aspiration to join the video game industry.

I decided to become a game designer when I was 12 years old. I started by analysing games, writing news and reviews for various websites, and even got an internship in the video game channel Game One. While I was living in Paris, I took part in several playtest sessions at Ubisoft in order to be closer to the game industry (but mostly to play games before their releases :) ).

After high school, I did a 4 year game design school called Supinfogame (North France) where I learnt many things, from game design, level design and project management. Back there, I did several projects such as Blörk, an iPhone game that we released ourselves for free on the App Store.

During the summer holidays, I did several internships in order to get professional experiences as soon as possible. I worked for companies like Darkworks (I am Alive / Ubisoft), Load Inc (Mad Tracks / Neko) and Asobo Studio (Kinect Rush / Microsoft Studios). By the time I was graduated in June 2010, I had more than a year of experiences as a Designer.

I always wanted to work abroad in order to discover new cultures and learn from them. In january 2011, after completing my last internship in the sunny south of France, I left to England to join Climax Studios in Portsmouth. I worked as a Level Designer on an undisclosed AAA game.

In February 2012, I joined EA Criterion Games and worked on the multiplayer of Need For Speed Most Wanted. The game was well received and received several awards, including a BAFTA nomination for Best Online Multiplayer.

Currently, I’m working on Star Wars Battlefront II as a Lead Designer, in collaboration with DICE, Motive and Lucasfilm…