Splinter Cell CT

SP117 is a Versus multiplayer map set only in one room. It features a unique challenge because it was specially designed for quick matches and pushes both Spies and Mercenaries to their limits.

During this project, I was responsible of a small team of several level designers.

This involved:

– Controlling the overall design and managing level designers in order to maintain coherence and respect of our overall intentions

– Designing the overall walkthrough

– Designing and building a part of the map (first and second floors)


We were asked to create a map in only one room. So we chose to create a map especially for quick play matches. Our goal was to make it easy to play, particularly for beginners, but harder to master by assuring the replay value. To keep every level designer focused on this objective, I used keywords they referred to when creating the map:

– Simple: players can navigate through the map easily and quickly;

– Controlled freedom : players always have multiple paths;

– Open Space: gives wide view angles of the entire map when possible;

We were inspired by other multiplayer maps and real places like malls or churches;

– Agility : to push spies to use their movements ( for example, we cheated to make them easier);

– Shooter : push mercenaries to shoot by giving wide choice of angle;

Graphic direction

I was in charge of the graphic aspect of the map. I chose to use a simple environment with simple textures in order to focus only on gameplay. Like Mirror’s Edge or Portal, this choice is used to promote gameplay: blue lights shows objectives, green textures are used for vents …

The map is easier and quicker to understand for players, which re-enforces our main intention.


The making of this map was very rewarding. I learnt that creating a multiplayer requires a different approach. Because you create a map for more than one player, you need to feel more like a “playground architect” by giving multiple choices all over the map. Indeed, the gameflow is dictated by players whereas it’s dictated by the level designer in a single player map.

Moreover, I was responsible for several level designers. I was able to give them advice and make sure they had the . At the same time, I made sure we play-tested the map every day and respected deadlines.

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