Machinima : Keep It Virtual

Created with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game engine, Keep It Virtual is a machinima using only the first person view. The story follows a First Person Shooter addict who chose to join the army. He will discover later that war isn’t like in his favorite video games …

During this project, my objective was to ensure respect of the main intentions that I wrote and that the project was ended in times.

This involved:

–          Creating the original concept (theme, first person view)

–          Writing the storyline

–          Editing using Adobe Premiere

Keep It Virtual was presented at many machinima festivals, including the Atopic Festival.


Video games are often mixed with reality and, as a game designer, I disagree. Our goal was to show not only that reality isn’t like video games, but also that we, as bother players and game designers, are aware of it.

First person view

The first person view is used to let the spectator identifies himself to the character.  We worked a lot on movements to make them more realistic than in the released game. While using the first person perspective, we needed to make sure the spectator can clearly understand what happened in the film so we added feedbacks (for example, characters).


This project gave me the opportunity to lead a project during several months, which means more responsibilities than on my previous projects.

Then, I learnt how to create a storyline, write a script and make sure the spectator can understand it in the film, even if it us the first person perspective. Moreover, I edited a large part of the film. Editing can be very useful even if you’re making a game: for example, when you need to create a trailer or even fake gameplay footage during pre-production.

Finally, I really like working on the first person view. In my opinion, it can bring a new way to experience stories by being directly into the action. Adding to the new technologies, there are many things to create and I hope to work on it in the future.