Super Mario World

This is a level for Super Mario World, made using the level editor Lunar Magic. My intention on this level was to make a short level that implies simple level design loops.


Mario games are based on joy and satisfaction, and I wanted my level design to reflect that. For example, the joy comes from the discovery of a new mechanic and the satisfaction from successfully bringing an object to complete a level. Joy and satisfaction also come from other elements in the level, such as some design loop (to get the extra life at the start), and getting the star to smash several ennemies.

The new mechanic is something that I discovered by testing and mixing elements from the main game. I’ve simply added over each others two kind of platforms, which gives the impression that there is only one platform that ‘opens itself’.

The level is composed of several level design loops. In order to complete the level, you must get the trampoline and bring it back next to the finish line. It is a simple loop, yet not very common for a Mario game. That is why I keep it short.


With this level, I learnt how to make quick level designs. It is basically using what we’ve got already in a simple and effective way. But it is also about getting the right tools : Lunar Magic is very easy and fast to use, and we should always spend time to get the best tools before building levels.
This level taught me that making levels can be quick and don’t need to take weeks, as long as you got the right tools while keeping the design simple.