Wedding Video

One of my best friend got married in June 2013. As I was one of his best man, I decided to make a little video to show after the ceremony. So I made this little video showing that their wedding is being celebrated everywhere !

To make this video, here is what I did :

– gathering all the videos that I needed (and trying to get the best quality as much as possible)

– choosing the best moments of each videos

– adding a song to frame the video (using the song as a way to edit the video)


Making content is quite often the same process, no matter if you’re making a game or a video :
– first, you gather all your “data” (primitives/patterns in a video game, videos for a video editing)
– then you choose the best of them by scoping them (making the best of each patterns or each video)
– and finally, placing the content in a order that makes sense as a whole (making your game progression or your script)