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    Working on Star Wars Battlefront II

    It’s been more than a year than I’m working on the next Star Wars game. It’s a very big game – set across all trilogies, with single-player campaign, split screen co-op, multiplayer battles and space battles! My goal is to lead the Criterion Design team in collaboration with DICE, Motive and Lucasfilm. This involves: Craft and […]

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    1 mechanic, 1 prototype (Unreal 4)

    You may have the best idea on paper, but software will show you if it is fun or not. So I started a simple challenge a while ago: write one idea of a small game mechanic every day and prototype it. The goal was to push me to learn blueprint in Unreal 4, but this […]

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    How I ended up on stage at the EADC to talk about rapid prototyping

    Back in April 2014, I went to the EA Developper Conferences in Redwood shores and did a talk about how rapid prototpying using my horrible romantic french accent. The thing is that it mostly happened by accident! A few weeks before going there, we received an email asking if we wanted to share quickly an idea or opinion for […]

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    Be creative to test your ideas

    Being creative is about being wrong: how many times you had a great idea and it didn’t work out? This is just part of the creative process – a big mess that you just need to embrace. The problem is that is is tiring and expensive. Designers shouldn’t just throw ideas – everyone can do […]

Super Mario World : the lost level

While updating my portfolio, I found this Super Mario World level that I did a couple years ago. I remembered that I wanted to do something different and original, so I designed this level with several loops. Also, in order to finish the level, Mario needs to find the trampoline (in the game, it’s called “Jumping Board”), bring it back to the goal and used it.

It takes nearly two minutes to complete the level : it’s simple but effective ! I used the level editor Lunar Magic (more info on http://fusoya.eludevisibility.org/lm ).

A la machine – Part 1

These days, making video games seems to be all about zombies, extra hours, annoying DRM, evil second hand game shops, lay offs and Call of Duty. So let’s get away from all of this and take some nice rest. This is the first episode of a new web series called “A la machine”, directed by Julie Rohart. It’s a story about a young man has a crush on a girl he meets in a laundromat. It’s simple and it’s fun, and at least, you don’t need to pay each week as it’s free to watch.

And yeah, it’s my sister, but I don’t see the point.

a little update !

Hello fellows,

So here is a little update about what I am doing right now. I completed my internship last month at Asobo Studio as a Level Designer where I was working on an Undisclosed Triple A Game. But then I got a job in the UK so I didn’t stay there. I’d like to thank Asobo Studio for giving me the opportunity to work and learn from them (and the opportunity to stay as well :p). Those guys are creating one cool game, so keep an eye on them.

Right now, I am working at Climax as a Level Designer on an Undisclosed Triple A Game (another one, dude !).

Sorry for the (very) late update :p.