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San Francisco

After GDC, I took couple days to visit San Francisco and I had a great time there. It was the first time I was visited the US, so I was very suprised by the scale – just felt small all the time. And SF is just a wonderful city and I’ve visited many fascinating places : the Golden Bridge (walked all the way to the other side – that was long!), the Golden Parc (had a blast in the botanic garden), Alcatraz (that is a must if you go to SF – just fascinating), the walk on the Pier …

I also really enjoyed visiting the Walt Disney Museum : it takes you on the journey of the life of Walt, from when he was born to when he died. Not only you discover many inside on the construction of his empire, but I was fascinated on how the museum shows how “human” he was : he was “worried all the time, but always fought back to find a solution”, had several times money issues, issues with his family… Things like these made you realise that even very successful person had to go through a journey of fear and doubt before achieving their goals. Very inspiring.

I will definitely try to go back to SF later, GDC or not !

GDC is over !

I had a great time at GDC this year, met loads of cool people, went to great conferences and enjoyed all the parties !

But I must admit that my favourite talk at GDC wasn’t really about games : it was the Nasa Talk “We are the Space invaders!”. Not only it was well presented, but also very interesting to learn how the NASA learn from video games making and how we can learn from them.

Anyway, check it out on the GDC vault:

Mad Tracks Wii is out !

Mad Tracks, a racing game which I worked on this summer, is now available. I’m writing an article about my work at Load Inc, but for now, hurry and get your copy this week end while it’s still in the shop.

Enjoy 🙂

Keep It Virtual

I recently finished Keep It Virtual: it is a machinima using only the first person view. Created with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game engine, the story follows a First Person Shooter addict who chose to join the army. He will discover later that war isn’t like in his favorite video games …

During this project, I was the lead chief of project. My objective was to ensure respect of the main intentions that I wrote and that the project was ended in times.

Read more … >>

Mirror’s Edge editor !

One of my favourite games is definitely Mirror’s Edge and I’m very exciting that we can now create our own maps for Mirror’s Edge. To do so, you need a full copy of Unreal Tournament 3 because you must copy your UT3\Binairies folder into your Mirror’s Edge\Binairies folder. Then, you just need to run “MirrorsEdge editor” like other UE3 based games.

To create a map, you need to know 2 things:

You can only save your maps by erasing the map called “Tutorial_p.me1” in your EA Games\Mirror’s Edge\TdGame\CookedPC\Maps\SP00” folder

If you use the Play In Editor, you will notice that Faith dies after a minute, but this bug doesn’t happen if your launch your map in the game

Ok, there are many bugs and it’s really hard to create a map, but it’s Mirror’s Edge 😀 !