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EA Criterion Games – 2012 to Present, Guildford (UK)

Lead Game Designer on Star Wars Battlefront II – First Person Shooter (consoles, PC – EA)

Lead the Criterion Design team in collaboration with DICE, Motive and Lucasfilm

  • Craft and drive the vision for Space Battles and Offline Co-op to inspire the team to execution
  • Communicate the vision to the team, project leaders and marketing to make sure everyone is aligned
  • Scope and adjust our vision to make sure we deliver high quality features on time and budget
  • Set up processes between our designers and our partners to deliver a consistent experience
  • Mentor designers to ensure all features are designed and implemented to a genre-leading standard

Senior Designer on Project Beyond Cars – open world racing (PS4, XboxOne, PC – EA) 

Designed large-scale game systems to maximise long-term engagement

  • Designed single player, multiplayer and social features to support the product vision
  • Pitched and designed an innovative social feature patented by EA
  • Used data driven insight and external facts to make game design decisions based upon them
  • Presented design specifications that communicate clearly the requirements to all team members
  • Lead the Unity prototype team to explore the potential gameplay mechanics and systems
  • Built content in Unity to test each gameplay mechanics – Organised brainstorming with the team to get inspired, gather ideas, filter and test them
  • Speaker at EADC to share new ways to explore ideas quickly

Multiplayer Designer on Need For Speed Most Wanted – open world racing (consoles, PC – EA)

Designed a competitive multiplayer experience, nominated for best multiplayer at DICE 2013

  • Designed and built multiplayer events through quick iterations to create a fun game experience
  • Ran internal playtests and used the team’s feedback to iterate on content
  • Analysed games competitors to have a deep understanding on multiplayer and social features
  • Used data driven insight to iterate on updates, DLC content and the WiiU version
  • Involved in press events to promote the game

Climax Studios – January 2011 to January 2012, Portsmouth (UK)

Level Designer on Legacy Of Kain Dead Sun – third person action/adventure (consoles, PC – Square Enix)

Designed and built the Vertical Slice level

  • Designed and built test greybox levels using the Unreal Engine
  • Worked with programmers to create tools in order to get quicker iterations
  • Supported the level design team to solve technical issues with creative solutions

Asobo Studio – internship, July to December 2010, Bordeaux (France)

Level Designer on Disney Pixar’s rush – 3D platformer (Xbox360 Kinect – Microsoft Game Studios)

Designed and built the Vertical Slice level, approved by Microsoft’s greenlight

  • Designed high level picthces and gameplay progression to support the product vision
  • Built test levels to define the gameplay metrics

Load Inc – internship, June to September 2009, Paris (France)

Designer on Xbox Live Arcade projects and Mad Tracks (Wii – Neko)

  • Tested and Tuned Mad Tracks, submitted and approved by Nintendo
  • Create game concepts and prototypes for the Xbox Live Arcade

Darkworks – internship, June to September 2008, Paris (France)

Technical Designer on I Am Alive – action/adventure (consoles – Ubisoft)

  • Designed a tutorial map for the stage 2 Sony (designing, building, tuning and debugging)
  • Helped level designers to solve their problems with both technical and creative solutions (scripting events, streaming, save, editor functionalities)
  • Worked closely with the rest of the team (designers, programmers, producers) when adding new functionalities to the editor

Darkworks – internship, June to September 2007, Paris (France)

Level Designer / QA Tester on I Am Alive – action/adventure (consoles – Ubisoft)

  • Designed and built small maps to explore the potential gameplay mechanics
  • Designed and built a part of a level for the First Playable Prototype
  • Tested and analyzed game mechanics under development to define their potential
  • Reported detailed bugs description to the right team member


Master’s Degree, Game Design and Project Management