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Asobo Studio : Designer

In 2010, I had the opportunity to work at Asobo Studio as a Level Designer on the pre-production of « Disney Pixar’s Rush », a 3D platformer only for Kinect in which player can live all their favorite moments of the Pixar movies.
At that time, I was the only Level Designer in a team composed of several level builders.

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Super Mario World : the lost level

While updating my portfolio, I found this Super Mario World level that I did a couple years ago. I remembered that I wanted to do something different and original, so I designed this level with several loops. Also, in order to finish the level, Mario needs to find the trampoline (in the game, it’s called “Jumping Board”), bring it back to the goal and used it.

It takes nearly two minutes to complete the level : it’s simple but effective ! I used the level editor Lunar Magic (more info on ).

Working on Blörk !

Blörk is a one-year student project. Designed for iPhone and iPod Touch, Blörk is a 2D platform game in which the player does not control the character but the world around it. The character is a sleepwalker that goes straight ahead and the player must handle the level without waking him up.

The game is now in production and will be released in October. You can read articles about my two positions on this project : Lead Level Designer and Game Designer.

Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush is a one-year student project from Supinfogame. It is a cooperative racing game using the Wii Balance Board and Wiimote whom the prototype PC is realized with the Unreal Engine 3. This project was very ambitious and that is why I joined at the beginning of the production.

During this project, I held the position of Level Designer.

This involved:

–          Defining two levels and their intentions while working closely with the lead level designer

–          Changing levels using Visio and Google SketchUp

–          Working on two existing levels to ensure replay value

–          Building, iterating, debugging and tuning those levels

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Gears Of War

Sp_Escape is a solo player map in which Marcus must escape from a Locust jail. To complete his objective, the player has 3 different paths where each one of them leads to a different approach of the gameplay from Epic’sGears of War.

During this project, I held the position of Level Designer.

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